Experience Spildra and Kvænangen


Experience Spildra og Kvænangen


The world’s northernmost whiskey distillery

Aurora Spirit

The world's northernmost distillery
Aurora Spirit is the world's northernmost distillery that has won several awards for its outstanding quality. They produce whiskey, gin and aquavit. Here you are served tastings of the different brands they produce. The place is beautifully situated under the Lyngen Alps and you can be served food and rent your own little cabin for accommodation.

Deep sea fishing

at Kvænangen and Lopphavet
Deep sea fishing in Kvænangen from our base on Spildra, is a fantastic experience. The surroundings are magnificent with the characteristic mountains of Kvænangen. The area is known for large halibut, cod and saithe. Both catfish and anglerfish can also bite. If the weather is good, you can take the trip to Loppa, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful deep-sea fishing areas in Norway. This is one of the roughest coastal stretches along the coast with beautiful nature, but which is also extremely exposed to the weather.


The only glacier in mainland Europe that calves in the sea.
A trip into the Jøkelfjord is a great boat trip with the majestic Øksfjord glacier as a frame. It is mainland Europe's only glacier still calving in the sea. Here we collaborate with local glacier guides and randonee guides. They have generations of experience from the mountain areas and are good at complementing the nature experience, with old and new history from the area. We also have the opportunity for both dining and accommodation at "Isbreen the Glacier". Here you can spend the night in modern "igloos" with a view of the Øksfjord glacier.


Trading place from the 1800s.
Norway's northernmost preserved trading post in beautiful surroundings in Lyngen. The place has been run by the Giæver family since 1868 and is still in operation. Here you can buy first-class ingredients from the sea.

The white-tailed eagle and other bird life

From Kvænangen you can take a trip to some of the most spectacular bird mountains along the coast. On the island of Loppa and Nord Fugløy there is a bustling life with puffins, alks, gulls, white-tailed eagle and many other species. For nature photography, this is a fantastic area. The season is from the beginning of May to the end of July.

Whale watching

In the fjords around us
In the winter, Kvænangen is a perfect tourist destination for Northern Lights safaris and whale safaris. Herring come in from the sea at the end of October in huge quantities. Killer whales, humpback whales and fin whales hunt herring is an unique to watch experience that is unique fantastic sight when the whales work together to catch herring. The humpback whale is a bald whale and takes a lot of soot with it in a jiffy, while the killer whale is a toothed whale and eats one by one herring. It can be large quantities collected at the same time and a fantastic sight. Herring fishing is going on at the same time, and if you are lucky you can see how the whales use the fishing boats to get an easy catch. If you are lucky, you also have the opportunity to swim / snorkel with the whales. This is 100% safe and a unique experience!

Northern Lights safari

From October to March, the Northern Lights are also a wonderful experience. One can get beautiful picture motifs, with the mountains of Kvænangen as a frame. The Northern Lights and whales are the greatest experience you can get in this area, in the cold season. It is especially beautiful northern lights in the area with little light pollution throughout Kvænangen. This is makes the Northern Lights appear extremely strong and clear.

Diving and freediving

If you are interested in underwater activities, Spildra is ideal for this. It is currently a small known area and appears unique, untouched and beautiful. Here you can dive on wrecks, in high kelp forest with diverse types of anemones and great species richness on fish. You can find big cod, halibut, saithe, catfish, anglerfish. Here are also some fantastic dropoffs to several hundred meters. Several Norwegian and foreign freedivers visit Spildra for the fantastic opportunity for underwater hunting. At Spildra you will find a compressor, lead and spare parts for diving.


At Spildra you can rent a kayak with all equipment. Kvænangen is wild and beautiful, and a paddle ride around the island is a wonderful experience. Here you can do a beach break on one of the beaches and enjoy wild northern Norwegian nature. Most likely you are completely alone.


Egen Skipper

Egen Kokk

With our boat “Ocean X”, we are mobile for missions and trips wherever else it may be desired. From Lofoten to the Russian border